Water Law

The firm is qualified in all aspects of water law, including water quality and utility matters.

The firm’s attorneys have worked with municipalities, corporations, and individuals in administrative hearings before the New Mexico State Engineer, water rights litigation in state and federal court, interstate litigation, including interstate compacts, Indian water rights settlements, municipal water planning, water conservation and state and federal compliance matters. In addition, the firm’s attorneys work with large utilities, small municipal water providers, corporations, farmers, ranchers, acequias, community ditches, and individuals on regional planning, water rights acquisitions, water rights adjudications, water rights transfers, applications for new or supplemental water rights, applications for return flow credits, water rights planning studies, 40-year regional water plans, 40-year municipal water plans, water/wastewater regulatory issues, abstracting water right files, water rights opinion letters, and domestic well issues, such as those raised by the Aamodt Adjudication.

The firms’ work on adjudications, water rights acquisitions, water rights transfers, water rights planning studies, water rights abstracts, and opinion letters always involves the evaluation of the nature and extent of water rights in New Mexico including the validity, priority, quantity, purpose of use, place of use, point of diversion, and amount.